In-Person Hackathon Content

  • For hackers in Edmonton, in-person hacking and sub-events will be hosted at the University of Alberta:
    • Dinwoodie Lounge - Student Union Building, University of Alberta 8900 114 St NW, Edmonton, AB, T6G 2R3
  • For hackers in Calgary, in-person hacking will take place at the University of Calgary:
    • HS A1 G551/G552 Feasby Lounge - 3330 Hospital Dr NW, Calgary, AB T2N 4N1
  • For hackers in Lethbridge, in-person hacking will take place at the University of Lethbridge:
    • Location TBD
  • Participants can indicate their interest level in attending in-person on the registration form, and will receive more details closer to the event.
  • Note that participating in-person is not mandatory, and that all participants will have the resources to excel at the event virtually.



  • All official natHACKS communications will take place on Discord, which is also a great place to meet teammates before the event!
  • Please be sure to join the Discord prior to the event.


Event Webpage

  • Find everything you need to succeed at natHACKs!
  • Coming soon: natPortal, a natHACKS-exclusive site where you'll find code templates to help you get started, access workshop content, your hacker survival guide, and more.



  • Technical and business mentors will be available throughout the hackathon, providing guidance on any issues you may encounter!
  • Mentor schedule will be provided to participants closer to the event.


Hardware Rentals

  • NAT is excited to provide commercial- and research-grade brain-computer interface hardware, allowing participants to record their own brain data during the event!
  • Hardware will be picked up by in-person hackers and shipped to virtual participant upon payment of a deposit to NeurAlbertaTech. The deposit will be fully reimbursed after the hardware is safely returned. Partial to full deposit discounts will be provided to those in financial need.
  • NeurAlbertaTech will pay for shipping costs in both directions. to virtual participants.
  • Hardware applications are competitive and will be judged by the natHACKs Board of Directors.
  • Hardware use is encouraged, but is not mandatory, and templates that simulate brain data will be provided to all participants during the event.
  • The hardware rental program is restricted to residents of Canada and the United States.
  • The hardware application deadline is July 8, 2021 at 23:59 MDT
  • Applications can be submitted through the official natHACKS registration form.


Hardware Kit Contents Deposit
OpenBCI Biosensing Starter Kit

1x Ganglion Dongle
1x Ganglion
1x Gold Cup Electrodes Pack
1x EMG/ECG Snap Electrode Cables
1x EMG/ECG Foam Solid Gel Electrodes (30/pack)
1x Ten20 Paste

$400 CAD

Muse 2 1x Muse 2 Device
1x MicroUSB Charger
$250 CAD
Muse S 1x Muse S Device
1x MicroUSB Charger
$400 CAD
BioAmp EXG Pill 1x BioAmp EXG Pill $30 CAD
Unicorn Hybrid Black

1x Unicorn Hybrid Black Hardware
1x Unicorn EEG Cap (Size M)
1x Unicorn Hybrid EEG Electrodes (8/pack)
1x Unicorn Sticky Electrodes (10/pack)
1x Unicorn Bluetooth Dongle
1x Unicorn USB Charging Cable

$1400 CAD

1x NeuroStimDuino Board
2x Lead Wires
1x Battery Holder
6x FENS Electrodes

$300 CAD